Your Minimalist Notepad.

Available for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Minimal Notepad User Interface


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Simple, handwritten notes.

Minimal Notepad is a distraction-free notepad app for iPad and Apple Pencil. It was developed as a simple, digital alternative to physical notepads. Start taking handwritten notes on an infinite canvas without any distracting top-bar menus and controls.

Minimal Notepad Demo
Minimalistic toolbar in the bottom-left corner
Developed for Apple Pencil.

Use your Apple Pencil to take precise, handwritten notes. Our app is solely designed for handwritten input without any keyboard functionality.

All Features
  • Minimalistic, distraction-free design
  • Infinite canvas with zoom functionality
  • Blank, dotted or grid paper background
  • Developed for Apple Pencil®
  • Local storage. No user account necessary
Darkmode support

Download Minimal Notepad and receive one free canvas. If you like our app, simply unlock unlimited pages with a one-time payment.